Importing waypoints?


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What is the best way to add waypoints to my existing waypoint list using a computer at home? (I have a few hundred waypoints to import )

This is what I have tried so far…. I have exported my existing waypoints to SD card, in all of the four supported formats (TZD, CSV, GPX and KML). I open these files (tried all formats) on program on a PC (GPS utility ltd) and add one waypoint, save to the SD card and either the TZtouch doesn’t “see the file” or says there is an error importing.

Any recommendations?

TZtouch preferred import format?

I would recommend using the CSV (comma separated values) format. You can take the file to your PC and open it with Microsoft Excel. It basically opens as a spread sheet. The Waypoint name column and Lat/Lon column will be obvious. You can add as many as you like and then duplicate the other fields with the same value as the existing waypoints have. Save the file (keeping it in CSV file format) and then import it into your unit.
Thanks, I tried CSV format, it did not work, the TZtouch will not even read the original CSV file after exporting to SD card (even if I leave the SD card in the machine... export and it will not immediately import, TZT14 does not see wpt file) other formats such as TZD, GPX will export and re-import without modifications OK

Display's home button function "Locks up" after failed import, requires re-start after problem

machines have software version 3.01

same outcome when tried on two different TZT14 machines

looking for simple way to add +/- 100 waypoints to TZT14n

I could not duplicate your complaint.
I exported my routes and points in CSV format to an SD card (using a TZT with V3.01 software) and then immediately imported the file. It worked fine.

Your existing points in the machine were originally created in this machine?
I would recommend backing up your settings and then your points/routes (in TZT format) . Factory clear the display. Restore your setting and information and then try exporting in CSV format again and immediately import it back. If that still has problems, send me (Via PM) a copy of your TZ data backup file and a copy of your CSV export. I will look into it deeper.
can you backup a MFD 3D unit to an SD card and import those files into a TZ touch machine ?
So I can export my waypoints from an MFD-3D device and then take that same SD card and load the waypoints directly into a TZ touch machine without modifying them ?

I thought Ron@furuno had told me that the TZ machines were not compatible with any of the previous units file format ?
So I can export my waypoints from an MFD-3D device and then take that same SD card and load the waypoints directly into a TZ touch machine without modifying them ?

YES, direct with the same SD card; as long as you are running the newest software on both devices. You might encounter problems if you try loading files with one machine using very old software. Ron would answer the same, if you pose the question in the same way. Other units like Vx2, GP1850, GP1870, GP7000 the answer would be different. When you are talking about NN3D to TZT, the answer is YES.
I found that with NN3D there are a couple of things to watch out for when editing CSV files with Excel. Excel tends to pad out lines with extra commas, usually the first 2 lines. In the picture below I have highlighted these commas in red. For NN3D editing the file in notepad and deleting the commas fixed the issue for me. Also the first field on each line must be in ascending order. Numbers don't have to be consecutive but they must increase. Refer to the fields outlined in blue. TZ may behave similarly.

Thanks for sharing. The CSV format is the same for both units so your point would apply to both the NN3D and the TZT CSV files.
Is there a way to import a route without using the SD card?