How do you determine what is in a Data slot?


I need to clean out some of the file data slots on my Navnet3d system, as all slots are full. All I see is an ID for each slot, like sdnam02701lsat01. How do I know what area this actually covers? I tried to look it up in MaxSea and it was no more helpful. The Maxsea website under chart catalog has a search field to enter the name, but it doesn't do anything when I enter the name. Even Google can't find it.


There are several documents that explain charts and chart loading, but normally if you break down the chart ID number it will tell you most of what you need. To the right of the number in the chart catalog it will tell you if it is a SAT photo, Raster Chart, Vector Chart etc... and the Version. (Version is always the last two digits of the chart ID) Even without looking at anything other than the ID, you can find out almost everything.
For example: chart ID # SDUS01RMAP05.

SD (SD card loaded chart...normally)
01 (AREA = AREA 1)
MAP (MAP not sat photo or 3D data etc...)
05 (Chart version)
Any chart with a WW shouldn’t be deleted (unless being updated) because they are “WORLD WIDE” charts. (Base charts – used when you zoom way out… delete these you will zoom out into a blank screen)

Normally when you load your own charts, you will know what you have loaded. You might ask about what is pre-loaded in the machine. In the USA; Furuno USA posts a sheet showing what we pre-load into the machine for your quick reference. It is normally located under the product (MFD12 for example) under MANUALS and DOCUMENTS then MISCELLANEOUS. (NN3D preloaded charts)
Here is a direct link but after it gets updated next the link might stop working: ... 0-2011.pdf

The Furuno USA website and the MapMedia chart are good about showing chart areas and chart numbers. ... y=Products : Charts for NavNet 3D and MaxSea TZ

If you haven’t watched the training video on loading charts or read the chart installation guide, they are very good.

VIDEOS ... ideos.aspx
CHART GUIDE ... e%20V2.pdf
Thanks for the reply.
>Normally when you load your own charts, you will know what you have loaded.
You think? I have 16 slots full with charts and Sat photos from Pacific coast Alaska to Panama, out to the Eastern Caribbean and up to Fla. I need to add some additional Sat photos, so I want to delete some older, not currently being used slots. So I need to know what is in each of the 16 slots.
>Even without looking at anything other than the ID, you can find out almost everything.
Not so easy, like in the example I gave: sdnam02701lsat01. What area is covered by these Sat photos?
The Chart link on the Furuno page is fine if you know what you want a chart of a certain type in a certain area, but I don't see how to work backward from an ID to see what the ID actually covers.


Product enhancement request: In the File chart menu, add a right-click to a chart ID that shows a brief description of the contents.
Using your file sdnam02701lsat01; the area is North America and it says SAT so it is a SAT PHOTO. L = low res H= High res. So you are looking at a Low res sat photo for North America for area 027. This is most likely the Sat photo that came with your area 27 C-map chart (Central America and Caribbean). If you need to look up a number, it can be done at the bottom of the Map Media web site using the search box.
Thanks for the product enhancement suggestion. The suggestion is already in the soon to be released TZtouch system and we have hopes to see this and other enhancements to the existing NN3D system.
Thanks again for the support. The search box under the map at is broken. I tried using Firefox 11 and it does nothing. Using Internet Explorer 8 it puts up a continuous 'Display Available Charts' spinning logo, with never any results (I tried it on a WinXP and a W7 machine). Does the search box work for you? If so, what browser?

MapMedia web site only works properly with Windows Explorer software. I will ask MaxSea to investigate the problems you seen with using MS Windows Explorer and the search box.
Well it appears I was mistaken about the search box at the bottom of the Map Media web site. It really is very little help in looking up a chart number that appears on your unit. It searches based on a "Chart area name" For example you can type "USA" and it will give you the NOAA chart types that you can drill down and find each chart area and the full chart names. Unfortunately it won’t search for the chart names itself. I will address this with one of the programming guys who is visiting next week. You point is taken.
Currently there is no database or search tool for the individual chart file numbers. The tips I provided normally work. I have sent the issue over to MapMedia to see if there isn't something that can be made available in the future. If you have a chart number you can't figure out, give tech support a call. They are always very helpful.
The solution to this is to select the chart in the data catalog list, left click. This does not put up any text descriptions, but it does show a small chart in the upper right of the screen of the selected slot contents.