High quality image of what the TZT-CHT-SD1 card is unlocked


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I am headed in to the San Juans for a few weeks. I was thinking of crabbing a bit around some of the Canadian Islands (Sidney/D'arcy) which is off the West side of San Juan.

I can't determine if I need to purchase an unlock code for the Canadian charts.. I will head down to the boat tomorrow... but was hoping for future reference to have a better way to determine.
Any chart that has coverage outside US waters is going to have a fee/unlock code. You can purchase the unlock code using your system ID and the chart part number you wish to purchase. A popular chart that covers the Caribbean (including Puerto Rico) is MM3-VNA-027. You can see a coverage area map at http://www.mapmedia.com/charts-catalog.html#, type "027" in the box below the picture and click on the MAP6.1 to bring up the coverage area.
It looks like there is some overlap from the US-West

This is the card I have

I am trying find a good online map of the coverage area of these included & unlocked charts


I believe both maps cover somewhat in to Canada. I want to see exactly where the cutoff is. I cannot find a Furuno coverage map and the part numbers/chart names don't seem to match the Maxsea website. I am looking to travel around San Juan Island, Pender Island, Sidney Island, D'arcy Island, Haro straight all in the Pacific Northwest. It appears they are unlocked.. I am headed down to the boat to check...
Sorry for the confusion. I'm not familiar with the area you were asking about. When you mentioned San Juan, I immediately thought of Puerto Rico.

The chart list for the SD card TZT-CHT-SD1 are located here: http://www.furunousa.com/ProductDocumen ... 204-14.pdf

The coverage for the SDUS01VS57MAP11 and SDUS05RMAP08 include only US waters. This is because NOAA (a US organization funded by US taxpayers) is only allowed to survey US waters and the data is available for no additional cost. The Canadian version of NOAA isn't funded by their taxpayers and therefore charts for that country (and most other countries) are "for fee" only.

The easiest way to see a "view" of that coverage area is to go to the mapmedia website (http://www.mapmedia.com/charts-catalog.html) and select "Vector", "Mega Wide & NOAA" and "NOAA" to show the vector chart info. To show the raster coverage area, from the same website, choose "Raster", "Mega Wide & NOAA" and "NOAA".

Any areas that include Canadian waters would need to be purchased. The missing notch of coverage that you may note in the two charts you mentioned are included in the SDVJNAM025MAP06 (Furuno USA part number: MM3-VNA-025). That coverage area can be viewed by going to the mapmedia website (above) and typing "025" in the box below the world map graphic and choosing the version ending in "6.1".

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.
I went and checked.. There is overlap over Vancouver Island. Ucluelet-Nanoose Bay-Roberts Creek seems to be the cutoff point.

Unless I am missing something, the chart detail doesn't change until that northern line. Definetly NOT a cutoff at the Canadian border. Even the interactive map shows the overlap.. Just not very clearly with place names.

Not very intuitive...