Heading Sensor Location



We will be installing a PG-500 heading sensor on a 42 Post. We were thinking of mounting it in the bilge near the center of the boat but noticed the existing heading sensor to be removed is located under the bridge. Isn't that a bit far from the center of gravity location? Can we mount the PG-500 under the bridge and it compensates for pitch and roll conditions? That would sure make wiring easier. Thank you.

I'm not sure if you're replacing one that isn't working properly with the PG500, but if you're just upgrading to a PG500 and the existing one was working fine under the bridge, then I'd keep it in the same place.
Thanks Reaper. We are replacing an entire Wagner auto pilot system with the Furuno PG500, FAP5011, HRP 10-12 and FAP 5002. We have no idea if the Wagner system works as the boat dates back to the 70's and is electrically disconnected. We can only presume that it must have worked. If you need Wagner part numbers I can get them. Is it still worth trying the PG500 in the existing Wagner heading sensor location as we can always move it?

Yes. I'd suggest trying the PG500 in the existing location first.