Heading Pulse Alarm on 1734



I'm getting an alarm called: "no heading pulse detected".

I've recalibrated the flux gate compass and it's showing a correct heading on the radar screen and on my other instruments. On start up, the radar display is not aligned correctly with the gps chart overlay, but given a few minutes it does change and lines up, so I know it is getting the heading but the alarm persists.

Any thoughts about how to deal with this would be appreciated.
No heading pulse error is not related to your heading or heading compass. Your radar scanner has a heading pulse signal that is generated every time the antenna makes one rotation. This error could be caused by a broken wire in your scanner cable, broken reed relay in your antenna, or problem with the display unit. I would recommend you contact your local dealer for service or send the display unit and dome into the service center for evaluation.
OK, thanks. Bummer it's not user fixable, but at least I know next steps. I appreciate the reply.