HDD WARNING. Consult Dealer

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Richards Bay South Africa East Coast
On our route across the Indian ocean we experienced some alarming problems with our unit
I don't have the whole error message but the gist is
NATIVE EXCEPTION ERROR..........????......Black Box........blah blah
Then at the bottom of the screen a red bar appeared and the message read
HDD WARNING. Consult your Dealer!
The unit would not shut down and would not restart.

After turning off the main power we were able to restart it after several attempts
Prior to this major failure we have experienced several similar incidents of shut down or freezing. No notices or warnings before however.
Since this last incident it has frozen, and had to be switched off at the power, several times over several hours.
It doesn't like anything altered too much....in, out, ship, display etc..any functions.
I have a quote for a new HDD at $850. this cannot be correct surely???
The unit was installed in late 2010
I have been advised to turn off the Tides and Currents layers and this problem should go away??
I have also been advised that the unit can only run for 2000 hours before it must have everything reinstalled.
Can you please advise as we need to go to sea again and it would be good to know we can rely on this piece of equipment instead of Ipad which has no Radar.
Does anyone know if there is a RADAR APP???
The HDD warning is just a notification that the internal hard drive has hit a certain number of operational hours. It can be ignored without any ill effects. The next software will prevent this notification. If you are running current software (2.07) your system should work well. We do advise that the MFD12 and MFD8 have the tides and currents turned off when not in use or needed because over extended long periods it can cause the software to crash. This has been discussed extensively on this forum. Based on your posting, it seems your system might have other issues that need to be evaluated by trained tech. Please contact your local distributor for support. Only the TZtouch system support I pad applications.
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