GPS sensor connected to UHD radome vs to CAN bus network?



I am about to install a DRS4D radome to my boat this week, and I was planning on wiring the GPS antenna to the radome, however that had me wondering. Since I have a sailboat, I don't really want to have my radar on all the time, and generally, I don't use it unless it's at night or I'm in some fog... so my assumption is that unless I have power going to the radome, then I will not be able to power the sensor? Assuming this is the case, how much power will the radar consume on standby? Is it worth running a wire direct from the GPS antenna to the CAN bus network?

Also, because of space issues with wires in my binnacle, I have (at least at this point), not hooked up the 18 pin cable to the tztouch unit, and my NMEA2000 backbone is powered by my house battery separately. I am assuming that this is fine unless someone tells me otherwise...

Thanks in advance,
The DRS will be pulling a small amount of power to keep the mag heater ready for the radar to work and powering the GPS. Unless you pull the breaker powering the radar power supply, the Canbus at the scanner will be working even if you are in standby or TX. If you are extremely worried about power, you can connect the GPS to a normal NMEA 2000 backbone and pull the radar power supply breaker when you don’t need radar. On the TZtouch system, that wouldn't be a problem. For a NN3D or Mixed system, that wouldn't be recommended.