gp7000f sounder problem




I recently bought a boat with a gp7000f paired with a airmar p66 transducer. At first the unit was giving readings that were way off, then it worked for one day and now I am getting no depth or bottom reading on the unit. I have reset it to defaults and did a cold start. I checked the transducer and it is not tipped up (this unit has a break away feature).

THe temp reading is accurate.

THe odd thing is that when I turn on the unit it says "OK" for the sounder. I then unplugged the transducer and started the unit back up. It still said "OK" for the sounder on start up. It seems that something is wrong. Is there any other diagnostic feature that I can try?

Anyone have any advice?

The GP-7000F doesn't have a true self-test for the sounder function. The "OK" that you are seeing is that the GP-7000F has detected the internal sounder module, not how well it is working. If your boat is out of the water you should be able to feel if the sounder is transmiting about slowly moving your fingers over the face of the transducer. There is a setting in the set up menu that turns on/off the sounder transmitter.