GP7000f issue



Yesterday while fishing the accessory switch which powers my electronics was switched off so the unit was not turned off correctly, on trying to turn it on again i hear the beep and then a few seconds later i hear a continuous beep with no picture. Any suggestions?
I would first start by removing any chart card or memory from the unit. Remove all cables but the power cable and ensure your power system is fully charged. If the unit still refuses to power on; try holding the CLEAR key while power on until the hidden system menu comes up. Then conduct a RAM CLEAR to restore the unit to factory defaults. The clear WILL clear any saved waypoints and routes, so I hope you have been doing your backups to SD card. Lastly, if the clear doesn't work, then it is time for your local dealer or the factory service center to get involved.
Thanks Johnny, I will give it a try. The unit has only about 40 hours on it and I pray it is just a small hickup.
Just went out to the boat, took the unit removed the chart, and plugged only the power in and a started up. Turned it off and put the chart and connected the transducer and antenna, pressed power same problem. Turned the power off and restarted with the chart out and it worked, mind you it was telling me I was in Mexico. So I retried with the chart same problem. So I believe the chart is the problem. I tried holding the power button and clear with the chart out but it did nothing. Figure i did it wrong or something. Any further suggestions?
It sounds like you have a shorted or damaged chart card. There should be no reason to CLEAR the unit at this point, but if you wish to in the future; you hold CLEAR and power up the unit normally (while holding ONLY the clear button). Do not hold the power button.
Thanks again Johnny, I will see if I can get any support as the C-MAP is also new, less than 30hrs of use but I'm probably screwed.
If you don't have another good map card to try; You might try a blank SD card 2GB or less in your unit. This way you can see if the GP7000 can format it or save points and routes to it. (eliminate any card reader issues as being the problem) Odds are on the Map card, but It would be best to test...
Thanks Johnny for your help. I have been just using it without for now. I will try a blank card. Where should I order a new card? Can it work with the 4D?
Blank cards are sold at almost any computer shop or department store. (SD = Secure Digital) You need one 2GB or less. (1GB or less perferred) Walmart, Staples, Best buy, Circuit City, Sears etc should have one for you to purchase. No the GP7000 will not work with C-map 4D charts. It will work with NT, NT+, and MAX charts on a SD chip.