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I just purchased a GP33 which I connected to the N2K backbone. I was told that it would recognize the Garmin GPS antenna that currently supplies the MFD 8 and the RD33 with their position information. The MFD 8 and RD33 had no problem at all talking to the Garmin antenna but the GP 33 has no signal at all. The GP 33 fires up okay and all displays are present. Do I have to attach the Furuno antenna that it came with to make it work or is their a setting somewhere that I have missed. I have read the owners manual but cannot see anything about this topic. Thanks.

Yes, you should connect the GPA-017 GPS antenna that came with the unit.
Is there any way to make the GP33 turn on without using the power button ?
I have a MFD8 and FA50 AIS. If I forget to turn on the GP33, the MFD selects the GPS in the AIS. Then, to use the GP33. I have to reboot the MFD.
Robert C-
No, if the GP33 loses power it must be turned on with the power button.