Gp1870f Loran TD Format



Anyone have a clue when the GP1870f will be able to use Loran TD format. I spoke witha furuno rep and he said an update will be available just wondering when.
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Once you have updated the units software to version 2.0.3 in order to configure your unit for Loran TD's you will need to manually set the grid reference GRI (ex. 9960) and the station pair (ex. X,Y). An offset/correction may still need to be entered as well. You will find most of this setup in the SYSTEMS MENU----> NAVIGATION SETUP-----> LORAN C setting. Finnally don't forget to set the COORDINATE SYSTEM to ---->TD.
Awesome thanks for all the help guys I got it updated tonight now dose anyone know the proper chain setting from me I'm in panama city florida fishing the gulf of Mexico also any clue about the stations to use and datum ? One again thanks for all the help
Ok thanks guys for the chain and stations set anyone k own what the alter option is for? Their is the option to turn it on or off on the loran c settings page ? Also anyone k own why my when. I set the loran offsets it changes the numbers when I set a way point
The ALTER setting is something new and normally wouldn't be needed in most cases.

When looking at the timing of two loran stations there are normally two locations that have the exact timing delay/distance. The first is the correct location, and the other would be on the other side of those stations (wrong). This would normally be 180 to the other side of the stations (typically on land), at same timing delay. The ALTER setting allows you to flip the location if you find the conversion process has you at that other (wrong) flipside location.

Concerning the correction offsets being applied when you store the waypoint; that is news to me. I will need to look into that. I suspect that is a software misunderstanding on the programmers part.