GP1850WDF bottom lock


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I have an old GP1850WDF. The previous owner had setup the unit to provide a really nice sounder view. Unfortunetly I inadvertently deleted all of the settings and restored the factory settings. The issue I would like to resolve is in the sounder section. I have it set to Normal mode and the frequency set to "Automatic Fishing". The problem is that the bottom is never at the bottom of the screen. I always see multiple echos below the true bottom, thus a large portion of the screen is useless. It seems like I need to reduce the gain so that the false echos are ignored. I have the signal level set to SL1 and I've changed other setting without luck. I generally fish in 10 to 80 feet of water so using manual frequency would be difficult. The bottom is muddy or sandy in most cases. Any suggestions on settings to lock the bottom to the bottom of the screen?

Thanks for your question. If you are fishing in less than 100ft I would try resetting the preset ranges first. The GP-1850F has eight preset set ranges that you can change. I would try setting the deepest range "RANGE 8" at 150% of the deepest water you fish in. So if you fish in 100ft, set Range 8 at 150ft. I would then go back and reset Ranges 1-7 for smaller steps. Try this and let me know how it works for you.