GP 1870F




Sometime shortly after Christmas I am considering the purchase of a Furuno GP 1870F (combination fish finder/GPS unit).

All of my boating is done within the State of Maine (hence my name "Mainer") on it's fresh water lakes or along the coast (no more than 1 nautical mile off shore).

The GP 1870F literature indicates it runs the C-MAP 4D by Jeppesen charts. This electronic chart series has more bells and whistles than I'll ever use (or want to pay for). Can the GP 1870F run any of the other C-Map products, such as the C-Map "NT +" or less expensive electronic charts?

Thanks & Happy Holidays!
Welcome Mainer-
The GP1870F only uses C-Map 4D charts. However they are sold without the value added data, (fishing info and hi-res bathymetric) unlocked. They do offer local areas also, which brings down the cost.

You might want to contact C-Map Jeppesen directly to see what the value for your area might be.

Thank you for your response to my posting.

I'll contact C-Map/Jeppesen and ask them about what specific coverage is and isn't available for my region that I boat in.