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On my TZT14 I have a good WIFI connection and the settings are configured for download of Navcenter data but the "Get Latest Wx" menu item is greyed out. Did I miss something in the setup? Is a Serius subscription also required for the download?
My guess is the wireless connection doesn't have a clear path to the internet. Have you tried connecting a PC or IPad to you phone and then surfing the net with that same connection?
I surf the net with that connection with both PC and iPad and I am also using that wireless router to interface the iPad with the TZT14. Could the iPad interface be interfering with the link to the internet?
I am having a similar problem, as it appears that WiFi connection is a bit sketchy. It is not clear if the TZ display is really connected or not. Not knowing if I am connected or not, I then go to download latest weather and it appears to be working, but again no confirmation that the latest full weather data was downloaded or not. Any comments or advice ? thanks.
Agree, The system doesn't tell you that you are actually connected. The only way I could tell for sure is to set up my iPad interface to use the wireless router instead of the direct connect method. Then I assume I'm connected because the interface works.
The TZT has two connection modes for wireless.
1. Where you connect things (like your IPAD) to it. (Server)
2. Where it goes out to connect to the internet for weather. (Client)

You can NOT do both at the same time. For weather, you must go to MENU - GENERAL - WIRELESS LAN SETTINGS and setup the wireless mode to "CONNECT TO EXISTING LAN".

It will show you the WI-FI services that it sees. When you connect, it should provide a checkmark next to the wireless "server" that you are connected to. Once you have a good established network with a Wi-Fi network (that has access to the internet) you should be able to get your NavCenter weather, which provides a status bar showing as it downloads. (after you have started the download by picking update weather from Roto-Key) Once it finishes, you should turn on the weather items (with the rotokey) and see data.
I'll try that this weekend. Maybe the server connection never went away even though I did the client setup.

I was able to stop the server connection and reconnect via client and download the weather info. The UI in this area could use some work to make it more user friendly.

Thanks for your help....
I have tried everything mentioned in this thread and no joy. I have a very good internet connection, the TZT14 shows it is connected to the proper wireless network, wireless is up as I can a) use an IPAD to display the TZT14 screen and B) the IPAD can browse the web.

And yet the Get weather update selection is always dimmed.

Is the Navcenter weather still functional?
What version of software are you running with your TZtouch?
Are you trying to connect via an onboat network or local hotspot?
The most recent update which I believe is 2.0

I have a local network setup with excellent connectivity to the Internet. IIRC my orginal post in this thread was from the same network the TZT is on. So if I can get to the forum I should be able to get the weather data as well.

Even when I had the unit in my home and was testing it before install, I could ping the IP address of the TZT, the IPAD's could echo the TZT screens but the update weather was always dimmed and unavailable.
Sounds like your network firewall or something is stopping the communications.
I will PM you a document on how to configure a router when using the TZT.
Johnny Electron, Can you PM me the same document how to configure the router? Thanks
Still doesn't work. I even used the same IP addresses in the how to. I have flawless Inernet but the TZT doesn't connect to weather. A real disappoinment.

Has ANYONE gotten the weather to work??????

Tried direct wired connection and still no joy.

I'll ask again, has ANYONE outside of Furuno gotten weather to work????

Not sure why the first request generated only cricket sounds.

I'm asking because I'd like to know if this is an issue only with my unit that needs repair? Spent a premium price for a premium product and I'd like all the features to work!
I think you need to have a local agent look at your system. Although I work for Furuno I can assure you I have had my TZT14 receive weather on my dining room table at home. I have received weather using a hotspot with a cell phone. I have also visited many dealer showrooms and customer boats where we receive the Nav Center weather.
I'm having the problem again now also. Did something change with V2? I have a good LAN connection and iPad communicates but download weather is greyed out? I've tried re-establishing the connection many times and have the green check that I'm connected.
sheakx":z4e8k5zo said:
I'm having the problem again now also. Did something change with V2? I have a good LAN connection and iPad communicates but download weather is greyed out? I've tried re-establishing the connection many times and have the green check that I'm connected.

Hate to sound negative but I'm so glad someone else is in the same boat as I am. Was beginning to think I was incompetent or something! ;)