FVC-30 and no fish echo problem



Hi all i am working with this expensive multi sounder FVC-30
No matter what i do with the tvg curve or with the gain i dont see any fish ecco
on the bottom anywhere .The bottom is very clear and i get very strong eccho from the bottom
BUT no fish eccho, this is very strange.I am using also DFF1-UHD i think
with the maxsea navnet and it shows fish eccho very well at the bottom.
What can be wrong here?? :angry
i am mainly fishing Cod and haddock

greetings from iceland and sorry for bad spelling. :wink7
cannot upload more my qouta is full
my settings in echo image is

(tvg curve 32 zero tolerence 15)
gain 7
clutter 3
noise limiter nl1

In advanced settings bottom lock
number of dots filled 1
color level treshhold 14
Our sonar/sounder expert is currently unavailable to address your questions, but a product of this nature and the many fisheries specific questions are probably better in the hands of your local distributer.

In Iceland the Furuno distributor is Furuno Denmark. You should sned them an inquiry at
furuno@furuno.dk . You might also visit their website at http://www.furuno.dk .