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I have two TZT14s and a TZT9. I have installed software version 3.01 and I like it very much except for the following problem. I cannot get my TZT system to access my Fusion IP 700. All devices are connected through a HUB 101, but the IP 700 does not show up any where in the TZT menu system. I have spoken with tech support at Fusion and they said that this has now become a common problem in that the Furuno V3.01 software does not properly address the IP 700. They said that it is up to Furuno to provide a software fix. I am confused at this point having seen lots of Furuno advertising stating that the IP 700 and TZT interface flawlessly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Dear howardrobin,
here is a link how to connect your TZT with the Fusion IP700:
http://www.furunousa.com/ProductDocumen ... N-Link.pdf
Under point 3 you find a information that Fusion will release a software update that will make it possible to set a fixed ip in the Fusion hardware.
In the time between you have to install a router with DHCP function.
Thanks for the information Ghostrider. I will upgrade the Fusion software (it is now available) to allow for a static IP address and see if that solves the problem. Interesting that Furuno designed their TZT software to work with Fusion Link connected through a DHCP router rather than the HUB 101.
Dear Howardrobin, it was not designed to use it via a DHCP router.
It was planed from Fusion site that the will change there software so that it will work with fixed ip adresses. The dokument was only for the time between until Fusion has developt the new software. Furuno has worked together with Fusion to get this link.
Pls. can you tell me if the new Fusion software works with the TZT without a external DHCP router.
Thanks Ghostrider,
Are you saying that the Furuno HUB-101 will not provide dynamic IP addresses.
No Hub-101 is not a DHCP server it will not give for 100% a Ip adress.
Have u tested it with the new Fusion software update?
The latest software from Fusion, release last week, has the capability for a static IP adress.

The latest software from Fusion, released last week, has the capability for a static IP address. Fusion has software and instructions on their website, under the Tech support tab. One step that is not mentioned is what IP address to input for use with a Furuno TZtouch display. The following address would work fine;
IP Address
Default GW
Just leave at all zeros.
Press in on the rotary encoder to save the settings.

Remeber, you have to have an Ethernet cable from the Fusion radio plugged into the TZtouch system.

If the TZT uses IP address ranges of 172.31.x.x/ , then how will the Fusion communicate with it when it uses an IP address range of 192.168.252.x/

Surely you'd have to program it to use the same IP address range as the TZT?
I used and and it worked perfectly. Also I didn't need to have the fusion on before the TZT. I could turn the Fusion on/off with the TZT Powered on and the menus would simply disappear the reappear.

(Note; I only had a TZT and Fusion connected. No other devices. I am not sure if any other Furuno Network device uses the above static IP.)
Thanks Everyone,

I updated the Fusion software as Ghostrider suggested and used the static IP address that Birdman provided. The Fusion Link system now works and I can control the Fusion from my TZT 14s.

Today I updated the Fusion S/W as suggested and created the static IP Address
Default GW Left all zeros.
Pressed in on the rotary encoder saving the settings.
Had the Ethernet cable from the Fusion radio plugged directly into the TZtouch14.
Refreshed the network for new devices and the Fusion was recognized and displayed but with the notice "Device not available" with a large red "X" above it.
The Fusion control bar located below on the TZT14 screen display showed the controls but only the mute and volume controls would work. The >> and << controls used for changing channels on the Sat Radio, changing songs on iPod, etc. were inactive. Going to the Fusion menu you could change the channels.
Something has gone awry.
TZtouch displays have two IP address', one beginning with 172, this is used for all Furuno products, such as the DRS radar, sounders, AIS units, etc. The other IP address begins with 192, this is for all non Furuno products such as Fusion, FLIR cameras, AXIS cameras, routers, etc. Will non Furuno products work on an IP address with 172, yes they will, but we do not recommend it. Keeping the networks separated, keeps the equipment from possibly interfering with each other. For example, if you have a FLIR camera and a DRS radar operating at the same time and on the same 172 network you will have issues. Having the FLIR on the Furuno 172 IP address will occasionally cause communication issues between the FLIR controller and the FLIR camera. Two IP networks are built into the TZtouch displays for this very reason. Will your Fusion radio never interfere with the Furuno network that the radar and sounder are on, I don’t know, but why take the chance.

As a followup to my post of Tue Aug 13, 2013 regarding the Fusion 700i/TZT14 glitch.
Please see the attached photo of my TZT14 cloned display showing the Fusion SAT Radio control screen. The Fusion program allows you to control the volume, recognizes the VHF, AM, FM, etc. on the Furuno display, but not the Fusion SAT Radio. You can however, go to the Fusion menu from this screen and select channels. It is a workaround but needs to be corrected. Any suggestions?
I've also attached a photo of my console showing the new Hatteland High Bright 24 inch touchscreen monitor cloning my TZT14.


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HI all.

I'm setting up my network on-board and could do with a little help.

I have two TZT14's, both repeated, Radar and AIS from Furuno along with a 70+ drop N2K system (Maretron) and 48 point Ethernet network including 8 IP cameras. The Fusion system is on order with both an IP700 and AV700 planned with 6 sound zones and a couple of remote controls

All Ethernet is routed on the same physical network with each network point connected at a PoE switch or regular switch, thus giving me the capacity to isolate the sub-nets.

I wish to
1) add AP's to be able to link the iPad to the Furuno.
2) link AP's and Furuno to the internet via either the Wave Rouge or GSM (Hubba X) on the network.
Can this be done?

Having read this and other threads, I'm partiularly confused how a single network card on the TZT can be set to two IP addresses at the same time. Have I understood this correctly?

Any help or advise appreciated

The TZT is real flexible when it comes to the Wi-Fi.
Here are some examples.

(One TZT serving direct Wi-Fi to a iPAD)

(One TZT connecting to a Marina hot spot, Phone hot spot, or on boat Wi-fi system)

(One TZT serving an iPad and the other connecting to the internet hot spot)

(Both iPad and TZT sharing same hotspot - hotspot must allow cross communications with connected devices. This method is normally very slow if it works at all. Not normally recommended)

(TZT connected to internet via Wi-Fi server/router. For detailed example refer to "Connecting iOS devices via router" )
http://www.furunousa.com/ProductDocumen ... edures.pdf