Furuno Radomes...



What is the difference between a RSB-0087-A-070 (M1722c) and a
RSB-110-070-A (M1723C) ? It seems they have the same plug
and power output, yet different numbers.
I am looking for a radome for my RDP148- not easily found as is
a discontinued product.
Hello Arthur
The RSB0087-070 was used on the 1722C NavNet 1 7" display units but is perfectly compatible with the RDP148 (7" NavNet Vx2). :jump
G'day Johnny!
Good to hear, Thanks for the prompt reply.
There will be no loss of features...ie radar overlay (with Hdg input), etc
with a retro radome?
Thanks again.
To conduct radar plotter overlay you must connect heading data (either NMEA 0183 or AD10) to data 2 of your 7" display using a 6 pin NMEA cable (000-154-054). This requirement for overlay is the same regardless of compatible scanner used. There is no loss of radar features when compared to the newer 1723C or 1724C.