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I just recently bought a boat that is rigged with a kobelt rudder indicator. The rudder indicator on the screen shows 4degrees, but will not move with the rudder. I tested the potentiometer both at the unit and the input wires with no issues. Recently, I purchased the furuno rotary with all of the correct settings with the exact same problem. All of the wires are correct. The Manules claim that there is a JP-2 jumper for linear and rotary applications, however, I cannot locate it on my panel. Can anyone help?! Getting frustrated.


Jumper JP2 is what you are looking for. I have attached a diagram showing you were it is located inside the processor unit. For a rotary RRU you want to make sure JP-2 is set to pins 3&4 as pins 1&2 are used for a linear outboard RRU.

I have also attached instructions for the dockside setup to. The reason is inside the dockside setup there is a selection that lets you chose between a rotary RRU and a linear RRU. If it happens to be set for the worng type of RRU you are using this would also cause an issue.

Please check JP-2 first. If its already set to pins 3&4 please then check the dockside settings to make sure it is set to rotatry RRU as well. Please let us know if you need anything else.



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Thanks for the reply. My unit does not have a JP2 that I can see. I see the JP1 next to the RRU terminals, but nothing that resembles it or any other jumpers. I spent 40 minutes just starring at the panel. I have gone through the dockside setup several times and understand the settings for the RRU. I seem to have tried everything other than finding that stupid jumper. Is there a chance that this is a later or earlier model and they did not require a JP2? Thanks again for your help.

Please provide us with the serial number of the processor. I believe the very early versions
were specific to rotary or linear feedback. If you can at least turn the system on you can see the software version of the processor, control head, and compass. Those numbers would be helpful also.
The serial number is 8042-0423 Type is FAP-5002. Im still trying to find a solution. Any help would be great. Thank You.

I just realized that this is a navpilot 500. For a rotary RRU (for my inboard) would I need the 511? I was reading somewhere that some of these processors are specific to outboards due to their ability to only read linear RRUs. Could this be the case with my unit?
I checked on the date and that serial number was sold and it is an inboard unit. It was sold in February of 2004. The early versions of processors had 2 models, one for inboard and one for outboard. Yours is the correct version for inboard.

The Kobelt RRU was used mostly for boats with severe vibration issues or for areas that were sometimes submerged. If you are have tested it with our current rotary feedback and it still does not work you might consider sending in the processor and letting us check it out.

The style of control head, (500, 511, or 520) makes no difference as you questioned.

If you are in the USA the processor can be sent to:
Furuno USA
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607
Attn: Service

Please include a complete description of the problem as well as contact information for our service department.

One last point. Before you do anything else perform a master reset on the complete system and then try to re-program. Let us know if that works.
I did a reset. It still does not work, however, I do get a Rudder feedback error alarm now (I never had this before).

How long is your turnaround time on benchtesting the unit?

Thanks for your help.

Joe P

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