Furuno NavNet 1 Questions



I have a few questions for the tech guy on here.

I have a NavNet1 System set up for Navionics. I can't find a chip for southern SE AK anymore. Can Furuno convert it over to C-Map? And, how much is the conversion?

You can have a NavNet 1 converted to the other chart type by our factory service center or authorized dealer. If the unit has never been converted before; the service center will normally provide one "courtesy" conversion at no charge, other than your shipping cost. Because of the costs of shipping, it is normally more convenient and about the same, to pay your local dealer to conduct the service (if you have one nearby). Outside the Furuno USA area; you should contact your local distributor, for their policies.
I use to have Navnet 1 and I think I remember flashing it from Navionics to cmap, however the memory slot is different, maybe you can use the network card reader?

Another question:

I currently have an older fcv-667 on the boat I am replacing with the NavNet system. It has a bronze, 8 pin transducer. Do you think I use a 8 to 10 adapter with that transducer, plug that into the sounder module, and it'll work with the Nav Net? I know that the 667 is 300w, but did they ever make a 300w thru-hull?
Smallest is 600w, so you can normally just add the 8 pin to 10 pin adaptor and then reuse the transducer, with the DDFF1 backbox sounder. (as long as it is a duel freq transducer)