Furuno MU240T Multi Touch Marine Monitor


I've got 2 tzt3 16" and have a large area to complete the console on a 43 Cabo. How does the interaction with the Tz system work with this unit? Can I have the chartplotter and radar(furuno nxt) up on the TZ's and fish finder up on the 24" and any other combinations? I'll generally be using a third screen for cameras and watching tv which I think the 24 would be much better than a more expensive tzt 19".

Johnny Electron

Staff member
The Monitor is just that, it has no brains. If you are using the HDMI out with touch control from a 16" going over to the monitor, it will be a mirror image of the items on the 16". You can control the 16" via the monitor touch control but you are still essentially controlling the 16" so when you change something at the 24" monitor it will also reflect that same change on the connected 16".

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