Furuno Marine Radar 1623



Hello! I have a Furuno Marine Radar 1623. Is it possible connect the radar in RD33? I can also connect the Bidata Raymarine ST40 Wind and ST40 in Furuno RD33?
Thank you
The Raymarine requires an optional interface to provide 0183 data but if you use one, it could connect NMEA 0183 data to your RD33. (Assuming you have purchased the optional NMEA 0183 cable for your RD33 display) The RD33 is NMEA 2000 with the optional NMEA 0183 support. The NMEA 0183 supports one input and one output. That means you would have to decide on one 0183 device you want to input. (unless you purchase some sort of combiner box) I don't know what you are expecting from the radar to your RD33. If the purpose is to input the Raymarine and output to the radar; it is possible. Your post isn't clear on what your plans are.
My Furuno radar is inside of the boat. I would like to have a display out of the boat (repeater). I would like to connect Bidata and wind (Raymarine ST 40) in the same display.
I thought the RD33 as an alternative to having a radar repeater. What do you think?
The RD33 is a data repeater and will not show a radar display. There is no remote display offered for the 1623.