FURUNO GP32, COG is crazy !



The COG is becoming crazy...
The COG dispayed a different number that change all half second, and is no more correct...
Is there a way to know if the GPS is dead or not ???
The position is good, just the COG is turning crazy.
Thanks for your help ! I am stuck at the marina and can't go on with this problem !!
It sounds like nearby RF (on or off boat) causing issues GPS fixing issues. It is very important to ensure that the GPS antenna is outside of the radar beam or other RF sources that can damage the unit or prevent the GPS from getting a good fix. I would recommend checking the Satellite status screen. Normally you will have 7 to 9 satellites showing. You need to have at least 3 past 40% to get a fix. The GP32 normally uses the GPA017 antenna but can also use the GPA018 or GPA019. If your GPS has a good fix but your COG is updating too quickly, I would recommend increasing your GPS smoothing setting.
Hi thanks for your quick response.
The GPS position is good. There is more than 8 satellites over 80/90%.
I have increase smoothings to 15sec each... and no results, COG always change position non stop...
I have found the problem... you are RIGHT ! this was a RF off boat that causing this issue...
We are now at Vindings Landing Marina in Little Creek VA, and it seems that there is a big RF in the area. I soon as we leaved the marina, the Furuno find the right COG and works FINE. As soon as we came back, we had the same problem...
Don't know why, but this is an RF issue...Thanks again Johnny for you GOOD analysis.