Furuno Fr-2105b CRT Image adjustment?



Hello, I have two Furuno FR-2105b Radar systems (X band and S band), which feature a 21" high definition crt monitor display.

The issue is that the display on the Xband system has a drooped display - The image on the left corner is lower then it should be. (For an idea of the actual issue, drag the start button on your computer below the frame of your monitor, an inch, and then remove an inch of display from the top.)

On a computer CRT display, you are able to use tuning options and various image addjustments which would remove such an issue. As frequently older monitors would slowly require adjustment.

I have inspected the onboard manuals for these units and they do not mention any calibration options, which is not supprising, as I would assume such a calibration panel would be inside the machine and thus require a proffessional to fix the issue. However, I do not want to be conned into a new monitor, just because the technition is unable to locate the adjustment pannel (should one exist).

So please, do these units (Or CRT monitors in general) have an adjustment panel where the image can be recalibrated?

There are no other issues with the display, its colour and brightness are fine. Currently, when using P index's, the index bearing is hidden under the frame of the monitor (out out of sight). As such the monitor needs to be returned to center and then lined up with the outside bearing ring.

I appreciate any feedback or information.
Kindest regards to X-band for his swift reply.

Issue will be resolved over the next few weeks, I will update when completed however I doubt any further problems will arise.

Thanks again X-band, I owe you one!

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