furuno for deep drop fishing


I'm want to buy for my boat furuno for deep drop fishing and it's hard to disdain
So I thinking of some options( I don’t care about radar)
1. I want standalone fish finder (the best class) for deep 200-600 meter thinking on fcv 1150 or fcv 295 with transducer (kind ?)
And navigating with maxsea plot and using the pbg plus normal gps and antenna
2. navnet 3d 12.1" with dff3 and 2 kw transducer and basic map 2d the problem I need to split the screen all the time so it will be 6 " +6" one by one
Question 1 : did the navnet 3d 12.1" can split the sounder picture for external display so I can see the fish finder stand alone and the map on the navnet 3d?
Question 2: for high performance dff3 v's fcv-1150 what's better for fish finding or the same?
Thanks for helping
The answer to your first question is whatever you have displayed on the MFD12 will be displayed (or cloned) on the secondary display. While all three sounder options are very close in performance I would have to give the edge to the FCV-1150. That coupled with MaxSea TZ (with the PBG module) would be a great combination.