Furuno fcv587 question



Does anyone know if it is possible to connect a furuno fvc587 to a hummingbird 788? I want to be able to hit mark on the furuno and the mark show up on the hummingbird map. I'm using the hummingbird as my navigation and the furuno as my bottom machine.
I do not believe this is possible. A check of the Hummingbird manual does not indicate any NMEA input capabilities.
Ok so I read my manual on the hummingbird and it says it has nmea output and the furuno has the capability to store up to 20 waypoints so if I hit mark on the furuno will the furuno give me a gps coordinate that I could then input into the hummingbird? The main reason I want this is when I'm running and something shows up on the bottom machine I can scroll to the bump and mark it. I guess my real question is how to connect a gps signal to the furuno?
Melville is correct, according the 788 manual your unit only has an NMEA output. It would need to have an NMEA input to accept external information.

Ok switching gears then. I also have a Garmin 440 and the manual says it has nmea in and out so i would be able to connect the two, Right?
Sorry Ben-
Although both machines have NMEA in/out they use different sentences. Garmin is looking for WPL and we output TLL.
Just because 2 products have NMEA0183 interface doesn't necessarily mean they will play nice together. :(
Ok. What can I do to make the mark function work on the furuno? Will it accept the gps signal from the hummingBird?
According to the Hummingbird manual the answer is yes. The NMEA output will provide positioning to the FCV587 through the NMEA input.
Please refer to the FCV587 manual for the input wires and the set-up.