Furuno FCV1100 transducer settings help



I have a Furuno FCV1100, and I just purchased an Airmar SS270W transducer in an effort to cover more bottom area as both 50 and 200 kHz freq's have a wide 25 degree beam width. I want to confirm that the plug should go to the High freq side on the unit and would like to have some feedback on settings, to get the best performance from this transducer/sounder combination. I bottom fish, wrecks and natural reefs from 80' to 300'. I lost several of my own home made wrecks during the hurricanes we have experienced in Florida over the past years. I want to stretch out as far away from the boat as possible in an attempt to relocate these places. Any help regarding this matter will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for the questions. There are a couple of versions of the SS270 ducer, you mentioned a plug. The correct model of the SS270 for the FCV-1100 doesn't have a plug but three shielded cables pairs, one is temp, one is low freq and the other is high freq pair. Do you have this type or a SS270 with a 10-pin plug?

Yes, I purchased the "no plug" version that is required for the FCV1100 sounder. It has the 3 shielded cable pairs. I need all the info I can get on installation, settings, and tap connectors required. Your help is appreciated!
This diagram should help. Use a Tap setting of "B" for 50Khz and "A" for 200Khz. You should try the sounders default settings first to see how they work.



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