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Hi Snips,

I know its a tired old chestnut for you, BUT, the rumours are out that those legions of us waiting on Furuno's version of "Chirp" may be in for a pleasant supprise at the Miami Boat Show?

Kind regards, Septimus.
While testing has begun in the US, sorry to say the module won't be ready by Miami. The next round of testing is slated for late Februray.

Is Furuno going to have a Chirp system out this year?

I need to upgrade my current sonar and was planning on going with an FCV-587 and airmar TM260, but the more I read about chirp the more I'd be willing to go that route with a Furuno head end. I'd be kicking myself if I could have just waited a bit and went with Furuno's Chirp sounder provided it will be availalbe some time this year, or next year at the latest.
Paul H,
Thank you for your question. FUSA plans to debut the DFF1-UHD at the Miami International Boat Show and will start delivery this spring.

That's real news! What transducers will work with the DFF1-UHD?
I love it...great news....and the line forms at the rear!

I am happy to see that Furuno's new Chirp unit (BBDS1) is listed on its products page, along with a list of compatible transducers. Two questions:

The product description emphasizes the unit's bottom discrimination capabilities, but not not mention "chirp" or any enhanced fish finding capabilities. Is this unit different from those of competitors in these respects? Does it offer enhanced fish finding?

Also, the list of transducers does not include the 509 (or 599), which I believe are Airmar numbers, but I note that the 209 (also an Airmar number?) is shown as a compatible transducer for the DFF3? Is the 509 a good choice for the BBDS1? I believe the 509 is capable of handling 3kw, while the BBDS1 seems to be a 1kw unit. Is that why it is not shown a compatible? Is it safe to assume that, like the DFF1 which was ultimately followed with a DFF3, there will be a 3 kw version of the BBDS1 released some time in the future?
I am sure Snips will chime in later with more info, but he is currently out of pocket.
Just know that the BBDS1 is not CHIRP. It is advancement up from the DFF1 and much like the new FCV587/FCV627 units. As Snips posted previously the new CHIRP is the DFF1-UHD. (ultra high def... I think that is what it means) Anyway, the details are limited/restricted right now; but what is available is coming out at the Miami boat show.
Hi guys, know that we can look forward to the new dff1-uhd black box.Where would I look to order the unit from.I know they will not be available until spring. Who will get them first??Also When will the 12"Navnet3d be up dated for the new box.I am also ordering a B265LH. Can you guys give me someone In Florida or East coast to order these three items from.Thank's Capt.Mike
Will the DFF1 be able to be upgraded to the DFF1-UHD for use on the NavNet3?

The DFF1-UHD will only be for the NN3D and the TZtouch system(s). When it is available, the supplies will be offered up among our authorized dealers. You can find a full Furuno USA dealer listing in your area by clicking on the "Find a Dealer" link at the top of our web site. (www.FurunoUSA.com) I cannot show preference of one authorized dealer over another. They are all good.

The normal DFF1 can NOT be upgraded to a DFF1-UHD. It is much more than just a software change. In fact the DFF1-UHD is more the physical size of our existing DFF3 unit.

Will be looking forward to the feedback from members who take the early plunge with DFF1-UHD!!
Too late to book tickets to Miami Boat Show NOW - after your initial incorrect call....LOL!!
Very exciting stuff - just as I was starting to really enjoy some fantastic fishing with the FCV-1150/R299?
Do you have any 'proprietary' feedback you can share with us on just how much better, and in what ways, the DFF1-UHD is over the FCV-1150/R299 I've just (relatively) recently installed Snips?
Am I going to HAVE to spend MORE money, and who will buy my FCV-1150, and what's with the non-compatibility to R599....LOL???!!!

Regards, Septimus.
Now that Furuno has officially announced its Chirp at MIBS, how and when will the rest of us receive any information about this new product?
When will this unit be shipping to the dealers? I may want to drop in a new ducer before launch if it will be soon. What are the transducer models from airmar that are compatible?
There is a brochure on the English web site of Furuno Japan. (www.Furuno.com)
It contains everything we know at this point.
There is no firm USA release date. Spring / Early Summer is the current plan.