Furuno 585 display issues



Hi All,

I have a furuno 585 with a 1 kilowatt in hull shoot through transducer. The unit has been great and the best advantage of fishing from my boat. It used to read clear on the 50 and 200 beams at 20 knots which meant I was always sounding when travelling. I upgraded from the 620 furuno with the 600 watt trans in my old centre console to the bigger unit when I got my half cabin boat.

Two weeks ago I was away fishing for a week chasing marlin. On the 5th day fishing I noticed that the screen went a foggy when I was a mile from the fishing grounds. It then began to flicker and the picture appeared broken at times then would come good. I thought my mate had swapped his sounder with mine has he has been having these problems with his unit for over a year now. But he had not swapped them. Within an hour of the first sign of a problem all I had on the screen was a blank white display with multiple coloured lines running through it. The next day I tried the sounder to find it was displaying the same blank white screen. I have since taken the unit to a furuno dealer in my home country of Australia and he said it has corrosion on the circuit board behind the screen from moisture getting into the unit.They said it is not worth fixing and that replacement is the only option. My mate has not had his tested but I assume It has the same problem just not as bad yet. I have plenty of other mates with the same unit that have had no problems and there units get a lot more sea spray on them than ours would ever get. I think that we have received units that have not been sealed properly from manufacture. I bought my unit from the US and my mate bought his from Aus. My question is who in the US can I send my proof of purchase and warranty card to get a replacement??
Furuno USA provides warrantee for two years, parts and labor. From all my dealings in tech support; I can tell you that what you and your friend have encounter isn't what we have seen in the USA. If you purchased your unit via the USA, please send it in for evaluation with your purchase information.

Send the unit to

Furuno USA
Attn: Service Department
4400 N.W. Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607, USA

Please enclose your contact information and history/problems you have encountered.
Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the info.

I will send the unit to Furuno USA with purchase info and a statement of what it did.