Furuno 2kw 50bl 12HR connection plug




I have just purchased a Furuno 50bl 12HR transducer and am wondering which plug I would need to connect to the wires if i am going to run it into a matching box (which will then connect to a Furuno 585)?

Also, I am going to try mounting the transducer inside the hull next to my current 1kw transducer wet box. If the 2kw is located approx 30cm from the 1kw and slightly lower, would it be likely to cause issues/interference? Am I better off mounting on the other side of boat?

I am proposing to mount in silicon rather than a wet box. I will be using a low viscousity silicon to avoid bubbles but would this be likely to effect performance?

Thanks :cool

Thank for your question. Below is a wiring diagram for you, the 12HR will wire to the same terminals as the 50B-6. I have to say that is a very good transducer to pair up with a 585 but you are going to lose alot of performance mounting like that. Before you silicone it down I would do this experiment if your boat is still in the water. Set the 585 to a slow screen advance rate, maybe 1/8 or slower and take the boat into a 100ft of water. Put the transducer in a bag of water and place it next to the wet box. Take a look at the bottom echoes on the 585 and then take the 12HR and hang it over the side of the boat to compare the bottom returns. If you can, it would be nice to post the two screen shots.MB1100 Connection diagram.jpg

Thanks Snips. I'm waiting for MB1100 currently so will do the test and post pics in a couple of weeks.

I originally bought the 2kw transducer to fit an FCV 1100 but it isnt going to fit on my dash so i'll wire it to the 585 and wait till i have more dash space to hook it up with the FCV1100.