Furuno 1720 - MD-7277



I'm Alexander.
I have an old radar 1720. I am looking for an electrical circuit board modulator MD-7277. The manual is not the modulator circuit. When the short-circuits the power supply, the fuse burns.
Thanks in advance.
It sounds like your modulator board is shorting and pulling too much current. This is normally because one or more of the large FET transistors have gone bad. The 1720 radar is 20 to 24 years old. The MD2777 board is no longer available. We do not provide schematics, other than what is already provided in the manual(s). You might try contacting your local dealer(s) to see if they might have an old/used MD2777 that you can purchase. In some cases, the dealer might be able to repair your board. If they can’t repair your unit, some dealers will accept your old unit in trade towards the purchase of a new unit.

If you need help finding a dealer, please use the following link.
One of our dealers contacted me saying they have a MD7277 for sale. ($282)
You should contact them directly, if you wish to purchase it.

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