Hello everyone, thanks for giving newbie's a place to post and get answers. Always been a fan of Furuno Radar's.

I have recently acquired a Furuno FR-8100D, 10Kw, 4' Array Radar system. I am going to mount the main radar display down in the cabin, but I am looking to find out what secondary displays I can use at the helm station. Obviously, exposure to the elements is a concern, so I want to know which ones are "able" to withstand the outside. The radar unit is FR-8100D, Type RDP-067, and the Scanner unit is a C2P7N2N. If the secondary display is not an option, what other Radar unit could I use the scanner with? I need to have the Radar visable at the helm. Navigation and "Bird Hunting" are my primary usages for the Radar.

Any help/opinions are appreciated.


That radar does seem to offer a FMD slave connection at J21. You could run a FMD slave display like the FMD1920C/NT, FMD1835, or FMD8062 (or older used/FMD model).