FR 8062



I am buying a used boat that has the FR 8062. I have two questions. I want to install an APR11 to enhance the unit is there anything needed other than the APR11 for the install. I also would like to know if I could interface the 8062 with the NavNet 3d chart plotter that is also on the boat. If not is there an earlier NavNet plotter that I could use to get radar overlay on a chartplotter from the 8062. Thanks. LL
For ARPA you will need AD10 heading data or fast update NMEA 0183 heading wired to the heading port at the back of the display.

You could purchase a slave display and overlay the radar image on the plotter with the FMD1920C/NT and a GPS antenna (BBWGPS). The FMD (NavNet Vx2 10.4" with slave cable) would also require heading to be wired to conduct the overlay.

You can NOT use the NN3D.
Thanks JE. One more question. Can I get the heading data from the auto pilot(AP 35)using NMEA 0183 ? Sorry Ive been out of the game for a few years and the technology has passed me by.
If you have a J300X or J300X-40 as part of the AP35 system there is a dedicated port for
Clock/Data output. This was designed for Furuno or Anritsu radars and will provide high speed AD10 to your radar.
Thanks Melville. One of my favorite features of the 8062 is the true motion echo trail. I cant afford a SC30 sat compass just yet and I heard the PG 500 heading sensor is slow to recover from course deviations so the AP35 heading sensor will be a cheap alternative until I can get the SC30. Thanks again for your response. Jim