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What is simplest way to connect a Flir md-625 to the tzt 14 - can you just run the Ethernet cable to hub or directly to unit and avoid using the video cable - or do you have to run 2 separate cables?
That doc refers to the M series, not MD - is set up the same? (I know M series can be completely run thru tzt unit) - but since MD is static camera, I just want to be able to view and use zoom function, so can this be accomplished with out the Flir joystick control?
Md series can connect video but not network.
Currently the md series is not directly compatible except for viewing the video by composite or Axis served. Only the M series offers steering controls and network compatibility.
Does the Hub 101 support POE? I'm looking to connect my FLIR M-seriesalong with the JCU. The JCU requires POE to pwer it. Just currious if the Hub 101 can do this or if I need to install a POE injector for the JCU.

No. The HUB101 is not a POE HUB. You'll need a POE injector.
Ok thanks to this thread I got my FLIR camera hooked up to my 2 TZT units and all works great. However I do have one question. When everything is up and running, on my main plotter when viewing a map, there is a red cone on the screen that indicates which way the camera is looking. To be honest it is kind of in the way. Especially when trying to view your tacks in a narrow channel. Since there is already an icon to show you the camera position in the camera view, I would like to remove this overlay, but I can't seem to find an option to do so.

here is a picture of my screen to show you what I am talking about. ... 56_HDR.jpg

Hopefully someone on here can help me with this.

Here's an excerpt from the operator's manual:

9.4 Pop-up Menus by the FLIR Camera

[Camera FoV] menu
You can display the field of view by the FLIR camera on the plotter display.
1. Select the boat icon to display the pop-up menu.
2. Select [Camera FoV]. The circular sector in translucent red appears on the
WOW that seems so simple. That is probably the only menu I have not looked at trying to find this setting. Thank you for the quick reply.