Fish finder power

How much better would my picture be with a FCV1100L running the B260 at 1000 watts vs using the R299 at 3000 watts? At the 50 Khz freq. Does higher wattage mean more definition of details, meaning I can pick up smaller targets? Or the same detail at 1000 watts, with stronger returns? Do you have any photos of a fish finder being used at 1000 watts and one used at 3000 watts?
Thank you.
Your question is not so simple because you are comparing a through hull transducer
(B-260) against the R-299 which is an in-hull. Also the B-260 uses a fairing block to help get the face the transducer down below the hulls bubble layer. A more apples to apple comparison would be the B-260 against the R-209. Here the R-209 would have better performance even if you only powered it with 1kw. When comparing transducers,
the narrower the beam width and more elements it has, the more sensitive it becomes. Add more power and that a bonus. Now if you put that same transducer in a wet box, you are going to lose some performance. The question I can't answer is how much it will be; 20%, 40% , 60%?