FI 501 Wind


Can you confirm if the True Wind and VMG data displays are calculated from raw boatspeed (rather than calibrated boatspeed)?
I have the FI50 with DST800.

I don't think you provided enough information or I don’t fully understand what you are asking. VMG with the FI501 shows VMG to windward. It uses either STW or HDG for the calculation. In your case, the STW is your DST800, but what is the source of Wind? If you have a Furuno Wind sensor directly connected (FI5001) then any Offset /Correction applied should be taken into account in the calculation. If wind is coming from some other source then any wind correction would have to be applied at that source device. Have you tried setting a large offset and seeing how it affects your VMG? Below is an attached drawing you might find helpful.


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Thanks for the diagram! Sorry not to have made the question clearer.
I have the furuno wind sensor attached to the 501.
But, I think I have just answered my question by reading the manual again. Sorry. I see the 501 has a STW calibration factor also. I had not noticed that before. I had wondered if it was passed from the Speed/Depth unit.