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Situation: The anemometer on my FI-5001 wind transducer is sticking. I went up and checked it out, the blade will not spin freely. I applied some penetrating lube and it improved, but not enough to sense well. I tried to get it loose to bring it down and work on it at deck level but the cable connector is fused tight and I didn't want to risk breaking it at the masthead.

Question: Is the unit serviceable? I.e. if I do get it loose, is there anything I can do to rework the bearings in the anemometer? My alternative is to buy a new unit, which will also require I get the cable loose...


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There isn't much to service in the FI-5001 wind vain, so I think your best option is to simply replace it.

You can always send it in and see what the service department can do for it, but I think just replacing it would be best at this point.

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Does the FI-5001 sensor make its' electrical connections when it's screwed into the mast top box or is it hardwired to a connector further down (inside mast or elsewhere aboard) the cable?

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It depends on how the install was done. Normally it has a connector near the FI5001, then goes down to a junction box that connects to the IFNMEAFI or FI501 or FI502 display. Sometimes people add their own mast junctions. Typically you should be able to disconnect the FI5001 up near the sensor with the connector but it will typically have self vulcanizing tape over it that you might have to remove.


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I just dismantled the Fi 5001, took me about an hour, next time it will five minutes. The design is good but if you dont know how they did it it is a kind of adventure.

As always, also this 500 USD gizmo fails becsus of a 25 Cent bearing


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Hi ACER, I have a similar problem with my FI-5001L, I sure would appreciate any info on how to replace that bearing and disassembly of the unit. Many thanks in advance.

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TomTomSA, I think you posted some other helpful infomation but the post was lost as we moved to the new forum. Feel free to repost it if you wish. It was not moderated, just lost in transition.


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Thanks Johnny much appreciated,
Just to say that I managed to get the bearings out of the Furuno Transducer FL5001 -and have ordered replacement bearings for the anemometer/transducer side that were about $15ea from RS-online, and will happily help anyone who wants to do same rather than spend >$500 on a new unit....
thanks Simon


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So after you've removed the tiny star screw from both the top and the bottom of the vane/transducer unit, the wind vane and wind paddle/anemometer can be eased gently off.. The WHOLE anemometer side - the larger more bulbous side - then screws off and you can see the small green PBC inside - don't touch this!

The other side has a thin shaft that holds the wind paddles - it has a thin pin through it @ 90deg...
Below this is a plastic cylindrical housing about 9/10mm in diameter that has been PRESSED in - you need to gently and carefully lever this out.
Once this is out, carefully take off the 2 x O-rings that hold the 2 halves of the cylinder together - one these are off the plastic cylinder splits down the middle and the bearings on the shaft are exposed.
Again, gently, - ease the bearings off the shaft - good idea to take a pic of what it looks like and where the locking clip and spacers are located.
Then with new bearings in hand - mirror the process above - I am still waiting for the new bearings to arrive here in Cape Town....
But so far, better and much more fun than a $500 new unit....
cheers Simon