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I currently have a Lowrance LCX-28HD with the Broad Band Sounder-1 and the Airmar B260. I plan on keeping my Lowrance for my charts.

But I want to find out if I be able to keep my B260 for use with the 585? Will I need the matching box or could I use a 3ft 10pin Furuno pigtail and splice it to my B260?
The B260 is made with and without an internal diplexer. To ensure we provide you the right information for your B260; please provide the airmar part # off the transducer. You will normally find a mylar label about 12" from where the transducer connects to the sounder. The number should be 41-XXX-X-XX or something similar. The B260 is a great transducer and I am sure we can get you fixed up.
I really hope it can work. That transducer was $$$

PN: 41-194-1-01
Rev 09
Yes, it will work (mostly). You will need to cut the connector and wire up a 10 pin pigtail cable to fit it to the Furuno FCV585. The temp sensor will not work correctly because it is different. If you want temp to work; it would be best to get a "Y" cable and run a small thru-hull temp or transom mount temp sensor.
Thank you for the info. I'll be getting my hands on one pretty soon....unless you have new models coming out soon?!
Could you please send me a wiring diagram so that I could splice it to the new 10pin connector. Thx
Wiring will be the simple part (color for color) using the 10 Pin Furuno Pigtail cable (part# AIR-033-333) BUT since the temp isn't right, I would recommend not connecting the temp wires (WHITE and BROWN). If you wish to add an external temp sensor, I would recommend using the "Y" cable between the transducer and the sounder. (Part# AIR-033-270) You can select an external temp from a number of options. You might check them out using the following link.
http://www.furunousa.com/Products/Produ ... mp+Sensors
Ok I get ya now. The "Y" cable will allow me to add the temp sender (Part# AIR-033-270) to the 585 along with my new pigtail from the transducer.

Sir I wish to do the same thing of wiring a pig tail for a Furuno 10 pin going to a 585 . I have an M260 part #41-269-2-02. Will that transducer work with the Furuno 585. My understanding is that the M260 is a 1KW transducer that is good for the585.
From the Airmar Part number you provided; this M260 appears to be a Garmin (6 pin transducer connector). You can use the transducer but you would need to cut the connector off and wire on a Furuno 10 pin connection. (PN AIR-033-333) If you wanted to add an external temp sensor as we were discussing in this thread; you would need the same Y cable and a suitable temp sensor.
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