FCV585 Bezel - High Impact Plactic vs Glass



I bought new FCV585 fishfinder and from day one, whenever I cleaned it after a day of fishing, it seemed like the screen developed small scratches. This was quite a surprise as I used the furuno supplied cloth and did exactly liked the manual prescribed.I have only used furuno throughout my life and this was the first time I observed this. After speaking to a friend about his 585, he said he has a glass screen where mine seemed like plastic succeptable to scratches. The unit serial number 8061 8633. Was the plastic later recalled and replaced with glass due to this? Why the difference in material. Lastly how would I go about resolving this issue. I am extremely happy with the performance of the unit, but greatly dissappointed with the fact that I can no longer see through the bezel (screen).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Furuno started using a glass bezel with the FCV585 in an effort to reduce the space between the LCD and the front screen. This helps for those that encounter condensation issues when there is a large temperature differential. The A/R coating is the same on both units. If salt is not washed off first with plain/clean water before rubbing with the microfiber cloth; the salt can scratch the surface. At no time should cleaners like “Windex” be used on the A/R surface. Your unit can be repaired with a new bezel or you can use a plastic polish and clean/polish the A/R coating completely off the unit. Your unit serial number shows it is out of warrantee. If you have questions, I would recommend you contact our warrantee department directly.
Hi Johnny , Thanks for the reply. It makes sense although I must say, I try my best do exactly that, clean it with fresh water first before drying it with the cloth. For interest what does the A/R stand for? Would the gaurentee had made a difference? I purchased the unit August 2010. What would it cost to send me a new glass bezel for example and I pay the local Furuno agents install it here?

Thanks once again for the prompt response.

I bought a 585 when they first came out.The screen that was on there would scratch very easy.I would wet a new soft small washcloth and then follow it with a clean soft cloth,it would still scratch.I got to the point where I would spray it off with a water bottle first,and follow up with the clean SOFT washcloths.It bothered me spraying it with water.We run a catamaran,they do not spray salt all over the screen.We are talking about a very little spec of salt that gets on there.I Sent it back to Furuno in Camas.I needed a Fast turn around.We could not take trips with out it.I would call there every day to see if it arived.One day they said it was in the building and they would go find it and get it on the bench for repair a.s.a.p.Well I got it back shortly later.The screen on MY 585 is beautiful and durable.I think it is glass.I clean it with the softess damp wascloth you can find,followed up with a dry one.I have been doing this for 3-4 years now and the srceen is perfect and silky.I do not know what kind of material it is but it is differn't than what was in there before.The guy or gal who did it, did a superb job.I had it out,sent,repaired and installed in less than 3 weeks.I was very happy with the way the Furuno took care of us.The customer service was wonderful. :capt Capt,Mike
Our service center does not send out parts to other distributors. If you have a gray market unit (exported outside our sales/service area) it must be returned to our service center for warrantee. If you have your receipt from Aug 2010, then I would recommend you send a copy with your unit to our repair center. They will evaluate it for warrantee because they normally give a little buffer time for installation.

A/R = Anti-Reflective

Thanks for your comments about our service department. They really know their stuff. Since you say that your FCV585 has been good for 3-4 years, I don't think it is glass. It would have been before the glass bezel was developed for the FCV585. They might have done something custom on your unit but it is more likely a high impact plastic. The service center never disappoints.