fcv292 3kw output with 3kw 50khz transducer question


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fcv292 w/3kw output with 3kw 50 kHz transducer question.
If I use a wet box filled with mineral oil inside my fiberglass single skin 25' chris craft straight inboard will I be able to read down to 3500 feet? The speed of the boat will
not exceed 10 knots. Sea state will never be more than 3 ft. I am to old to be bounced around. Second question, will I be able to tell what kind of bottom-mud, sand, rock-
in 800 feet of water? Thanks in advance.
I wish I had test data to share with that type of setup but I don't. My best guess is that you will see the bottom but it may be pretty marginal displaying fish targets at that depth. Below is a nice graph from Airmar of signal loss vs. hull thickness for fiberglass hulls. The FCV-295 won't tell you what type of seabed you are over, i.e. rocks, gravel, mud or sand. However you should be able to see a difference in the bottom (at 800ft) by looking at the tail of the first echo or by judging the strength of the second echo.



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Thank you so much for the reply. I will wet box the transducer and see what it will do.

Hi niteowl,

I'm looking for a similar configuration. Can you tell me the exact type of the transducer @ 50kHz and share any experience with it in deep water?

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