FCV1150 compared to FCV295



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Can you please explain the advantages of the 1150 over the 295 for me, thanks

Thanks for your question. Both machines have the same TX/RX capabilites. The 1150 offers a larger, brighter and higher resolution display. It has the ability to be heave compensated when connected to a Sat compass and also can be connected into a NavNet 3D or TZT system to be used as a network sounder.

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So if I am not going to have any outside nav equip etc connected but basically just using it as a stand alone sounder for fishing deeper ie 250 -400 metres would I be correct in saying I would see the same fish basically the same on both sounders.
Also are these two transducers , 2kw - 200B -8B and the 2kw - CA50BL-12R both the ( BLT latest transducers ie bolt down for through hull , wet face transducers to use for best performance)

Although I would prefer to mount them in a wet box and shoot through to save cutting holes in the hull , it seems that this is not the way for best performance.

I also read that there is a chirp transducer coming out in early 2013 , are these chirp transducers better at through hull performance.

Kim , Gageroads 23
The transducers you listed will work well for you and I perfer wet faced transducers over ones mounted in a wet box. Would you see a performance increase with a Chirp ducer, yes but I don't think the slight increase is worth the price difference.

Thanks for the reply Snips ,

Can you also advise me if the fcv1150 or the fcv295 have the same waterproof capabilities as the fcv587 as I have an Island cab with clears and some salt water can come in during rough weather.

Also does the 1150 have the same features as listed for the new 587 , those being the same bottom discrimination features, Accufish and digital filter for seeing through the bait schools and identifying larger fish.

Kim gageroads23
Since the rear panels of the 295 & 1150 have openings they aren't water tight. I would consider the front faces of the two sounders as water resistant as the 587 however. Neither the 295 or 1150 have the Bottom Discrimination and only the 1150 has ACCU-FISH if you use the correct transducer. All three have digital filters but the 295 and 1150 have better signal processing and more TX control than the 587.

Snips , The 2 transducers I will probably use is the 200B-8B and the CA50BL-12R although Im tossing up whether to use the 38BL-9HR instead of the 50. I want the on best for seeing bottom fish in depths up to400m salt water , can youplease advise which would be best.

Also I can not find any information on ACCU -FISH on either the 150 or 295 doc downloads. Can you please explain what it exactly is because it is probably down to this factor as to which I purchase, other than a lack of room in the island cab making the 295 more suitable in that regard.

Kim gageroads23
You can find a detailed explanation of how ACCU-FISH functions in the op manual of the FCV-1150, page 18. Basically how it works is that the fish needs to go though both beams of the sounder to be analyzed. The sounder needs to be programmed so it knows the beam angles of the transducers it is using. From testing we have found ACCU-FISH works best on mid-water fish in waters less than 350ft and when paired with 50/200Khz transducers.

If you are looking for fish on the bottom at 400m I would favor the narrower beam of the 50BL-12HR over the 38BL-9HR.

OK thanks for the quality info snips
Kim Gageroads23
I have a 295 now I mount a 50b9. I wonder if a better fit R199 or 50BL-12HR to see fish over 600m.
I tried to mount the 50b9 in a box inside the hull but I lost signal, so I'm doubtful on the probes to buy
From past testing we have found that some wet box installations can decrease a transducer performance by 30-60%. Personally I do not favor wet box installations especially for fish detection.

Ok now 50b9 is mounted externally, but I would like to increase performance. I have proposed a R199 used in perfect condition, otherwise I could fit a 50BL-12HR or 28Hz
In this case are practically forced to mount probes internal to the hull right? how could I fix it?
I would not find myself in the position of a probe that does not satisfy me, also because I think my hull creates some disturbance to the transducer mounted internally.
I can recommend?
Hello again Snips , are these two transducers the correct ones to wet face flush mount, the 2Kw200B-8B and the CA50BL-12R in a fibreglass hull. If so is there detailed instructions how to do so. As I understand we cut the correct size hole through the hull and fit a wet box with a gland for the cable on the inside however as these transducers are rubber what do we use to seal between the hull and the rubber transducer. This seal would have to be smooth as not to cause bubbles and I don't think that fibreglass resin would adhere to the rubber transducer which probably only leaves us with silicon. Can you help.

Regards Kim gageroads23