FCV 588 transducer upgrade


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I have a fcv 588 with a b60 transducer. I fish off the north shore off mass for stripers, tuna, and bottom fish. The b60 does pretty well but I am looking to upgrade to a 1000w transducer. Can the 588 be used with a 175hw? And just run it on the 200 frequency ? And if so how is the performance. I know the the b260 is available but my boat is only 21ft so that fairing block doesn’t look like an option. Any other suggestions are welcome
Thank you
No the B175HW isn't considered compatible with that unit. The best match 1kw is the B260 but if too large; I would stick with the B60. The B164 while offering more power won't show the targets much differently than the B60 does now; unless you really need the additional power for deeper depths.