Fcv 587 Software



Hi all,

I have Fcv 587 with airmar tm260.

I am selecting 526TID-HDD from transducer menu but the bottom discrimination and accufish features are not working.

Software version is 1.03.

Do i need to change the software, if yes how?


V1.03 is the most current software for the FCV587.
Although your transducer is not suited for Bottom Discrimination, selecting a similar element transducer like the 526TID-HDD should allow the Bottom Discrimination (BD) feature to attempt to work. Keep in mind that Transom mount transducers are problematic for BD because of all the turbulence that tends to be around the transom. You would have to turn "On" the feature in the unit and ensure you have established bottom within the suitable BD range (16ft to 325ft).
Here are 2 pictures.
The boat is in marina, not moving and the engine is not running.
You can see that bottom discrimination is not working.
The HF screen shows almost nothing.
All threads i've read people always talking about v1.02 for fcv 587 and tm260 and i didnt see anything about v1.03.
I dont know what to do but my device is useless at this time.

Ps : Sorry for my bad english :(


Thanks for your interest Johnny Electron,

Today i tried again in 11m water.

BD is working half, sometimes shows the bottom sometimes shows nothing.

My main problem is accu-fish.This feature is also not working.

The boat next to me (distance between us at most 10 ft) has a fcv 620 with bronze transducer (dont know the model).

That device is working flawless.On his screen we can see few fish with their length (both 50 and 200 screen) but on my device, we can see the same fish but just on the LF screen (using dual screen) HF screen is blank and dont show the length, so accu-fish is not working.

Please help me, i feel like i wasted my my money.

This makes me so sad :(
Bottom Discrimination should be turned off when looking for fish and I suggest Accu-Fish being turned off when concentrating on bottom type.
See if that makes a difference.
Thank you Melville,

I tried what you said but the result is same.

Most of the fvc587 and tm260 users are talking about v1.02.

What do you think, does it work to change the software.

By the way, could you please tell me a good working 1kw transducer.
I will ask my dealer to test another transducer.
Downgrading your software will not accomplish anything.

Your dealer could test the unit with another transducer. The best one is the 526TID-HDD
but it is not a transom mount, but a 1kW thru hull bronze. I would suggest just testing it with whatever transducer they might have in stock from our approved BD list.
http://www.furunousa.com/Products/Produ ... sh+Finders

Look under accessories.
It certainly looks like a transducer installation issue, but it is hard to critique some ones work from just a screen shot. What I could see was turbulence lines and then very little gain. Perhaps our resident expert will chime in.

Until then I'd try looking at the transducer mounting guide on the Airmar website. I would also suggest reset the FCV587 to factory default and do the setup again after you reposition the transducer.
I agree with Melville. It is very hard to tell much by your video but it appears to be turbulence or not enough gain used. If you shoot more videos, please shoot with a duel range picture so we can see both the High and Low at the same time. Your video only showed the HF. Snips will most likely have some comment after the holidays but he will want better video or screen shots.
Ok, i will shot more videos.

In this video i wanted to show you HF because on dual and LF everything seems normal but BD and accu-fish is not working.

When i selected HF it doesnt even show the dept.

I'll try to shoot more detailed video tomorrow.

Hope to solve this problem.

Thank you very much.
My problem almost solved.

I bought a new b260.

Now the Bottom Discrimination and Accu-fish features are working.

But in transducer menu, it doesnt allow me to choose a transducer.

Is it normal?

By the way, what can i do with my old Tm260.Is it possible to be repaired?


Yes, when you have a T-ID (Transducer ID) chip in the selected transducer it will automatically select the correct model number for the transducer used. I am glad to hear your BD is working. You can not repair transducers. If the unit is under warrantee you might be able to have it replaced and then sell the replacement.