Fcv 587 consiglio transducer



Scusate se scrivo in italiano ma il mio inglese e' pessimo.

Per un fcv 587 volendo montare un trasduttore da 1KW e' meglio preferire un originale furuno CA 50/200-12m + MB1100 o un airmar b260.

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Sorry if I write in English and Italian but my 'bad.

For a fcv 587 wanting to mount a transducer 1KW and 'better to prefer an original Furuno CA 50/200-12m + MB1100 or airmar B260.

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Furuno USA only support English. Although the forum is primarily intended for Furuno USA customers, those outside our sales and support area are allowed to post; but must be done in English.
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Regarding the performance of the two transducers are similar?

Yes. The performance is similar, but may be slightly better with B260 (526TID-HDD). If nothing else, the B260 will be easier to install because no MB1100 is needed.
Guido, I use the 525 PWD (600) with good results but I have a portable 14' boat. It works well with accu-fish and bottom discrimination. Another Italian on the forum, bravo, da dove vieni?