FCV-587 availability - US market

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Hello everyone-

Any idea of when the 587 will be available in the US market an/or where to buy it now (if that's the case)?


The FCV587 and the FCV627 have been released as well as the BBDS1.

Complete information may be found on our website.

In the new FCV-587 Fish Finder brochure says that to get the "Bottom Discrimination function" we must have a 1 Kw transducer installed, but then in the webpage "accessories - Bottom Discrimination transducers" we can see some 600 w transducers. :huh

I have an SS270W Airmar transducer installed on my boat.

My question is:

With this transducer I will I get the Bottom Discrimination Function from the FCV-587 Fish Finder?


Bottom Discrimination is only enabled when certain transducers are connected.
The SS270W is not one of them.

The following transducers are needed to enable Bottom Discrimination:
FCV627, FCV587, BBDS1-
520-5PSD Plastic Thru-Hull Transducer, 600W (10-Pin)
520-5MSD Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer, 600W (10-Pin)
525-5PWD Plastic Transom Mount Transducer, 600W (10-Pin)
525STID-MSD Bronze Thru-Hull Multisensor with High-Speed Fairing Block, 600W
525STID-PWD Plastic Transom Mount Multisensor, 600W (10 Pin)
FCV587, BBDS1 Only- MB1100 Required) -
CA50/200-12M Bronze Thru-Hull Transducer, 1kW (No Plug)
CA50/200-1T Rubber Coated Transducer, 1kW (No Plug)
Thanks for your replay!

A Furuno dealer told me that at the beginning of 2013 Furuno will have an software upgrade to the FCV-587 in order to be possible to have the function Bottom Discrimination with various others transducers including the 526TID-HDD.

Is this true?

If I buy right now the FCV-587 how then can I do this upgrade?


What you were told is true, the next version of software for the 587 will have a wider selection of transducers. The sounders software can be updated and we will post the new software when it becomes available. However many dealers may not have the correct equipment to do software updates.


So it means that the update will be made mandatory by Furuno. It can not be done directly by me using a laptop?

About the transducer:

Since the B260 fits into the SS270W fairing pocket that I have, I should buy already the 526TID-HDD model with Diplexer in order to avoid the Matching Box MB-1100. Right?

You could try updating yourself if your computer has an older serial port. We have found some serial to USB adapters don't work well. The B-260 (526TID-HDD) doesn't require the MB-1100 matching box.

My computer has a serial port DB-9 male.

But I think it will be better wait a few more months until the new software comes already installed on the equipment, this way avoid unpleasant surprises.

I'll follow up Furuno posts regarding the subject.

Thanks for all.


Furuno has any Fish Finder that works with the CHIRP transducers?
At this point in time the only Furuno sounders I would recommend with Chirp ducers are the FCV-295, 1150 or 1200.

These Chirp ducers on a FCV-295 will have a better performance than the FCV-587?
From our side-by-side testing we have found very little performance increase using a Chirp ducers with a non-Chirp sounder. Please refer to the earlier posts about this.

Hi Snips,

Will the new software enable bottom discrim on the Airmar ss264 200khz-narrow tilted element ducer?

If not, can u list what new ducers will be included?

I'm getting ready to order Furuno 587 and ducer and want to factor this into my decision.

Thanks for your question. The SS264/200Khz is not on the list because its a single frequency transducer. The transducers that may be added are the SS60-SLTD12 or 20 and the 525T-LTD12 or 20. Please note that during our testing we found that the proper tilt angle of the transducer plays an important part in the Bottom Discrimination process.

Good morning,

Is the new software version for the FCV 587 already available so that the B260 (526 TID-HDD) transducer get all the functions?


Yes, the B260 has been supported by all Furuno USA FCV587 units shipped over the last two months. Anything shipped prior can be sent in to the service department for a free update.
So this neans that if i aquire today the FCV 587 with the 1.02 software version and connect to my B260 i will have the bottom discrimination function and the accu-fish ?
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