fcv 587 & airmar b164 1kw transducer



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Can anyone advise the above combination able the bottom discrimination function? I was told by airmar b164 is compatible with fcv 587.

The B-164 comes in three different models with 0, 12 & 20 degree tilt angles. Furuno USA only stocks and sells the 12/20 degree models. As you can see from the chart table below, only Raymarine has a PN for the 0 degree B-164. In theory the B-164 should work regardless of the tilt angle, but since we (FUSA) don't sell it we have never tested it. If you have one you will probably need an adapter cable for it to mate up to the FCV-587. If you try it, let us know how it works.



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Yes ordered both the fcv 587 and b164 20° TILT. informations available are all bits and pieces and not readily available. Took a risk and once hook it up will know if its compatible. Even furuno website states a matching box required for 1kw transducer which found to be redundant.
My apologies. Your original question was if a B-164 was compatible with the 587 for Bottom Discrimination. That answer is no. I got off track thinking you were asking if a 0 degree B-164 could be used, my mistake. The B-164's can be used with the 587 for fish detection however. The 587 has the smaller 600w tilted in its BD data base but not the larger 1Kw b-164's. Again sorry I got off track with your question.

Hi Snips,

Thanks for the answer. However too late for me to realise. I've ordered both and installed the transducer. Arghh spend so much on both to realise it doesn't fully utilize all the function. :angry
Need help and advise what is wrong with the installation.
When cruising above 5 knots it just loose all deatils as pictured below. Is it the settings problem ? My current Northstar is still hooked up with another transducer and you can see the comparison between the 2.

The pic below shows the location of the transducer.

Thanks in advance for any advice or solutions to it.
It is really hard to tell from your pictures what exactly is going on. I can see that you have the 587 in an Auto Range mode but not much more. My suggestion would be to put the 587 in a Manual Range, with the TX Power at 10 and TX Rate at 20. Take the boat out again to see what happens. Post some pictures of the sounder at the dock and at various speeds. If you start to see gaps in the bottom that is a sign of turbulence going over the face of the transducer.

Hi snips,

All take it out and try your recommended settings.
I have another transducer on the starboard hook up to the northstar working well even on cruising . Therefore puzzles me why this set does not work well.