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I have a Furuno 585 unit with an Airmar M260 in -Hull transducer installed on my 26' prokat. I having an issue with losing the data fee to the unit. I check the level of liquid in the tranducer and all seems fine. This happens at slow & fast speeds. I will loose data for about a minute and then start readin again but some times it stop reading for several minutes. It seems to happen more frequently in Auto mode but it still does happen in manual mode as well.
Thank you for your question. When you say "Data Feed", do you mean the bottom echo?
Can you attached a screen shot of what you are seeing?

I don't have a picture with me and the boat about 3 hours away from where I am right now. Bascally i loose all information. The screen does not show the bottom echo and the depth reading is 3 dashes (- - -)
How does the sounder look at the dock? When you are moving are both frequencies affect ed or only the 50Khz?

Rogers & Furuno,
I have a Airmar 1KW Transducer and a 585 and I am running into the same issue, but only on 50k. I bought from a local dealer and when brought to thier attention, they showed up with the stores Demo unit, and another transducer. When we swapped units, it seemed to have fixed the issue, but one my first trip off shore...200'-400' water at approx 12-15 kts it happened again....not nearly as often...before it was always happen on 50k. The dealer played with all the settings and seemed to have it right.

At the beach yesterday it was doing it again on 'dual frequency' I am wondering if may be something else? attached is the image....any help would be appreciated.

Rogers, how is yours working and what was the root cause?


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