FCV 295 which transducer



I am currently in the market for a transducer for my 295 for a range of fishing but particularly deep water.
I notice alot of guys are running a 38kHz 2kw or 3kw and another 200 or such for shallow.
The deep water fishing I am doing in 300m-800m for bottom fish. I am running a 6m aluminium boat with outboard. I preferrably would like to be able to run at 6-8 knots in this depth of water and mark fish on/near the bottom.
I have been given good information that the 82 tunable 66kHz - 109kHz is good for this purpose especially on a smaller metal boat due to vibration etc Apparently smaller boats haven dramas with the 38kHz at any speeds due to these reasons???

Opinions and hopefully some screen shots from anyone running 295/1150 with any of these transducers (82 tunable or 38 2 or 3 kw or anything else working well) please.

Does anyone have any screenshots of marking fish in deep water 500-800m near the bottom with 82b-35r transducer or any feedback how it goes in deep water?