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I have been using my FCV-295 for several seasons with the factory setting in auto mode and would like to use some of the other setting to enhance the reading. Furuno provide some explanation in the manual but i find that this is brief and difficult to apply to the depths and conditions that I have.

I understand that the setting can be very tectnicical but a utube lesson in real time would be useful or a articial describing the setting, for example. Locating tuna in depths form 50 to 500 fathom.

I have searched the web and have not been able to find any good articial on the subject.
Thank you for your FCV-295 question. The FCV-295 has been a very nice sounder for us. While the sounders auto modes have greatly improved I still like manually controlling the TX rate (20) and output power (10). I also perfer a screen advance rate of 1/1. One of its best features is the post gain (All Gain) capability. This lets you adjust the gain on the entire screen so if you passed over a school of Tuna you see how varying the gain affected the targets. The clutter control also affects past targets. I find most folks try to adjust the sounders picture solely with the front panel gain control and when they start to see cluttler they back the gain off a little. Try this the next time out, (I will assume your cluttler control is at 0) turn the gain up until you start to see cluttler on the screen and then increase it a half point higher, at this point you should start seeing a lot of blue speckles. At this point increase the clutter level until these blue speckles disappear. Give that a try and let us know how it worked. If you are still having issues let us know what transducer you are using, your settings and a screen shot if you can.

Good fishing,

hi I've searched high and low for some basic settings.
I've had my 295 tm265 in the water twice and was looking for an order of what settings to adjust first to last on both low and high frequencies thanks
Here is where using the 295's demo mode will help you next time you are out fishing. First start with the Gain, Clutter and Color Erase all set at zero. Then select one of the demo programs and let it run until it completely fills the screen, then stop the screen advance.
Now increase the gain until you fill the screen with low level noise. Now use the Clutter control to remove these low level returns but not high enough to start to remove the fish targets. After this you can use the Color Erase (if needed) to remove any remaining blues and greens that remain. Hope this helps.



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I just bought a Furuno FCV-295 with the Airmar B260 transducer (FURUNO 526T-HDN) I have managed to get the two frequencies 50 and 200 khz working.

The transducer additionally has a temperature sensor but I do not know where I should connect the cables, someone can explain me how I should do it or if I need an additional accessory.
Thank you
The below diagram should help.



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