FCV-1100 Transducer Menu



Hi all,

This is a great forum, found it after a Google search.

I recently purchased a 2007 SeaVee 34' with an FCV-1100 and NavNet2. I've read the FCV manual twice and feel I now have a decent understanding of how it works. It's highly adjustable and therefore somewhat daunting compared to the Simrad chirp system I had on my last boat. I want to make the most of the unit, after hearing many positive reviews.

The previous owner didn't know the exact transducer model. He did say it was a 2kw 50/200, not ideal for the type of fishing I do (bluefin tuna in <400' of water). The transducer is located in a glassed in pocket in the bilge area, therefore I can't see the brand or model number.

Is there a way to display this information on the FCV-1100?

Also, any tips on settings for bluefin fishing would be much appreciated. For the time being, I have it set on auto. Seems to work well, but the tuna season has just begun.