FAX-5 cable replacment


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Hi, just acquired a new to me VX2 setup with RDP149, ETR6/10, RSB-0071 and FAX30 weather receiver with all cables, and the FAX-5 active coupler. Only trouble so far during the inspection is that the cable has been cut on the FAX-5, presumably when removed. Is there a replacement connector I could put back on, or if I send it in to you, can the cable be replaced reasonably? New FAX-5s are $400 bucks and weather isn't that important to me. I am changing over from a Raymarine system that has not been very good...the radar was a joke and network problematic.

Attached is a photo of the FAX 5 and then a mystery black pigtail...what is that?

Thanks for your inputs!
The mystery connector is the end of a NMEA 2000 drop cable that has been cut off. It has nothing to do with the Fax30.

Your can buy a PL259 for your fax30 from your dealer.